Ours is a story of heritage born of decades working with high-end marble, turning magnificent stones into exquisite features inside and outside of homes. Acclaimed architects and designers who we have worked with conceptualised forms with marble in mind and we transformed their vision into function.

We have been doing this for over 40 years. With DeCasa, we are translating that accumulated experience into high-quality made-to-order marble tables. Our focus on dining tables is in line with our foundation as an established family business deeply rooted in the philosophy of family ties and togetherness.

The majestic dining table brings family members together, where a family that eats together, stays together. We specialise in crafting custom-made dining tables from a timeless material like marble to honour that enduring legacy.


With natural marble, you have chosen a medium with thousands of years in history where every vein and swirl tells its own story. A raw material with so much character can only be refined into elegant furniture by the most skilled of craftsmen.

The artisans in our workshop are specialists in their own disciplines — a designated cutter is in charge of cutting; a profiler is focused only on profiling; a welder does just that, welds. Each craftsman has decades of experience and takes pride in their specific responsibilities. Many of our processes are done by hand by our master artisans, and that is how we ensure the quality of our products.

An essential element in marble furniture-making is how joints are connected, and our craftsmen have spent years perfecting the art of creating the seamless look that is the hallmark of our marble tables. It is what you don’t see on our tables that shows off our superb workmanship.


Our marble tabletops are distinctly stain-proof.

Through years of working with marble, we have developed our own unique coating that permanently protects natural marble tabletops against stubborn stains. This special coating is also safe for food handling and is non-toxic, allowing us to be the first manufacturer worldwide of natural marble furniture to receive the NSF® accreditation, a global standard for public health and safety.

Apart from its stain-free property, our specially-formulated coating enhances the lustre of your marble table, preserving its clarity and radiance in the long run.

We constantly seek improved techniques to build better tables, and we have pioneered our own cutting-edge sandwich methods that translate to sturdier, more solid marble tables that will last for generations.